Vivid-Pix Restore

Vivid-Pix Restore software provides a particularly simple interface to fix JPEG and TIF images that are faded or poorly captured. Using just a few clicks the user can make dramatic improvements to the detail and overall appearance of an image.

The Vivid-Pix interface is simple enough for anyone to use. The program provides a workflow that can process a great number of images quickly, all without destroying the originals.

With the use of patented artificial intelligence algorithms that instantly process color, contrast, sharpness, and brightness, Restore can produce improved pictures, documents, illustrations, and diagrams, in a fraction of the time required in a high-end image editing program, and with virtually no skill nor training.

The easy-to-use interface consists of three steps. First, select one or more images. Second, the program will automatically process the image and display a matrix of nine versions of the image transformed using various degrees of algorithmic parameters. An image may be a faded or exceptionally faded print or slide, a digital or cell phone image, or a faded document or text. The user identifies the type of image and selects what they consider to be the best image, which is usually, but not always, in the center. And, third, the user refines the image in split-screen (original on the left, processed image on the right) using a variety of basic controls, such as rotation/tilt, sharpening, etc. If the image needs further work the user can enter the Detail Edit mode, with control sliders for Lightness, Contrast, Vividness, Cyan/Red, Magenta/Green, and Yellow/Blue, cropping, and aspect ratio.

As each image is finished editing it is saved with the output suffix “Vivid”, leaving the original untouched. If multiple images have been selected, the next image appears automatically, and the three-step process continues. The user can also Zoom/Transcribe to manually enter information about the image or document, which is saved in the metadata of the file. The metadata includes fields for Title, Author, Comments, Tags (keywords), Copyright, and more, all of which are searchable.

Restore has been endorsed by genealogy librarians and practitioners, as well as others who routinely work with legacy images. A free trial version, for Mac or Windows is available at $49.99

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