Folder Colorizer for Mac 1.5

Folder Colorizer for Mac 1.5 helps users to realize the promise of a truly graphical user interface. It addresses the nondescript appearance of the default blue desktop folders, providing a considerable amount of customization.  Users can apply a vast array of colors, emojis, and decals to greatly enhance the identification of folders.

The addition of color or images to a folder can make organization and identification immensely more efficient. 

Working with a database of more than three million images from Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash,  a simple key word search results in an impressive variety of related images. The “Perform Magic” algorithm uses artificial intelligence to undertake a search based on a folder name, resulting in images that may be most appropriate.

Using the application is quite simple. The user drag-and-drops one or more folders onto the app. The user is presented with a palette of 30 colors, displayed with color patches, like paint specimens, and color names, such as Persian Pink and Screamin’ Green, although the user can use the Mac Color Selector and apply any color they wish. The user can then customize the appearance of the folder to suit their needs. When the customization is complete, the user simply presses the Colorize Folder! Button.

If the user has a particular image they want to apply to a folder it can be accomplished with the following steps: 1. Copy the image to the Clipboard; 2. Select the folder whose icon that will be customized; 3. Choose File>Get Info; 4. At the top of the Get Info window select the small icon; 5. Select Edit>Paste. 

The new folder appearance is maintained even if it is transferred to another Mac, iCloud, or an external device.

See our original review dated January 31, 2022.

Folder Colorizer for Mac is available as a free 24-hour trial, or can be purchased as part of a $35 annual subscription program, or as a stand-alone Mac App Store purchase for $4.99. A Windows version, Folder Colorizer 2, with fewer features, is also available. FYI, the Softorino main office is located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Contact: For business inquiries:1-805-253-2610.

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