Trickster 3.8.1

Trickster 3.8.1 is a Mac app that resides in the menu bar (although it can be anchored to any place on the desktop), providing immediate access to a list of recently viewed files, folders, and applications. 

The contents can be viewed in a number of formats, including images, music, applications, items designated as favorites, or all logged contents. Window contents can be displayed by Active Apps, Basic Row Style, Extended Row Style, or sorted by time or alphabetically.

During initial set-up the user is prompted for the list of folders that will be tracked. The user can opt out any particular files using the exclusion options. After the first-time set-up additional folders can be added or removed using the Configure File Tracking dialog accessible from Preferences or the Filters menu.

Trickster is not only a time-saver, but can easily become an essential part of a production workflow that depends on the immediate availability of critical components of a job. Having all of the elements close at hand, all of the time, makes Trickster not only invaluable, but a shadow assistant always ready and prepared. 

Trickster provides an ever-present window into current and past mission-critical resources, saving time and effort.

Trickster eliminates second-guessing, ensuring that even forgotten file names, and file locations, can be accessed quickly and accurately, replacing Spotlight’s scattergun searching technique.

In addition to keeping recent and favorite files and folders immediately accessible, the user can view their contents with QuickLook, easily email them to a colleague or co-worker, move contents between folders, and much more. 

A 14-day full-featured trial is available at $29.99

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