MicSwap Pro

MicSwap Pro is an iOS app that provides a number of switchable microphone emulations existing within seven different virtual recording environments. The collection of 15 microphones mimic classic real-world sound capture devices, such as the Shure SM58 and Sony Laval iframe. Technical information about each microphone is available by tapping its logo as portrayed on-screen.

The app essentially makes the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch a portable recording studio, supporting real-time monitoring using headphones. It can be used as a Bluetooth mic; be used with an external Bluetooth mic; or used with a connected mic.

Recordings are captured in either .m4a or .WAV format, requiring about one MB per minute for .m4a, and ten MB per minute for .WAV. Recordings can be of any length, limited only by the storage capacity of the device.

After a recording has been made, or imported, it can be processed through any combination of microphones and virtual studio spaces, providing unrivaled versatility. In-app-captured and imported recordings appear in the recordings list, which can be sorted by title, date, mic, duration and color category. Either type can be trimmed and exported to a variety of outputs.

A free, feature-limited version is also available.

This inexpensive app is quite extraordinary in its array of features and capabilities, its excellent sound emulations, and its import and export options. $19.99

Future Moments LLC, http://future-moments.com/micswap, email: info@future-moments.com.

MicSwap on the iPhone.