Master Collection by Layer Cake

Master Collection by Layer Cake is a library of more than 900 elements that a digital artist can use to improve and enhance their compositions.

The collection consists of high-resolution 300 dpi elements that are Mac and Windows compatible, provided on individual Photoshop layers, with precision cut-out selections ready to drag or copy/paste into a target photograph.

The creative digital artist will be able to draw from a rich and expansive compilation of image elements that include clouds, skies, constellations, moon phases, birds in flight, landscapes, trees, floral overhangs, farm animals, dogs and cats, ranch fences, and much more. There is plenty here to get creative juices flowing and actualized as imaginative digital compositing.

Original scene.
Image with elements from The Master Collection.

Also included are a variety of vignettes and frames. Helpful tutorials will reduce the learning curve, although anyone familiar with Photoshop will have the prerequisite skills to make good use of the collection.

Included are a set of almost 200 Photoshop Actions that simplify the process of applying menu selections and tools. $200

Contact: LayerCake, Alan Mayer, 5421 Godbey Drive, La CaƱada, CA 91011,, 805 451-6017, e-mail:

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